Vip Diplomatic Chauffeur

Bodrum Limousine, one of the most trusted and appreciated luxury travel management service providers, is proud to offer discreet VIP/diplomatic chauffeurs to clients. We understand the responsibility of a diplomatic chauffeur and our services are designed to support your requirements in any circumstances. Our experience in this job field helps us to offer clients a safe and comfortable diplomatic visit. We understand the customary expectations of these services. However, we always prepare ourselves for personalized ground travel management services. Our professional chauffeurs are skilled and competent to deliver above the mark services without any complication. Our professionals have experience of working with Embassy security staff. Therefore, it is easy for us to guarantee your safety in any circumstances.

We Maintain Security Protocols

Bodrum Limousine understands the requirements of safety during a diplomatic visit. We have professionals who check and test our security features in a frequent manner. We analyze your requirements and find the most suitable and safe route for your visit. We offer information regarding assigned chauffeurs and vehicles to the embassy authority to create a foolproof travel plan. We can manage vehicles with bullet proof attributes for our clients.

We Handle Arrival and Departure

Our VIP/diplomatic chauffeurs are well trained in managing protocols and etiquettes. We understand the importance of a diplomatic visit and our professionals are trained to take care of VIP clients from arrival to departure. Having a professional at your disposal can help you to reduce the pressure of clearing out the custom, finding transportation, and arriving at the desired destination at the appointed hour. Handling the VIP arrivals and departures is our expertise. We are capable of managing travel options from various airfields.

Luggage Maintenance

Having someone to take care of your important luggage while you engage in duties official or otherwise can be beneficial in diplomatic visits. Diplomatic guests can lose a considerable amount of time in order to manage their luggage during the visit. Our chauffeurs can shoulder this responsibility for you and help you to relax for a successful arrival at the destination. Our professionals are trained to maintain legal procedures in clearing out the luggage from airports. Our experts always understand orders about sensitivity of the luggage and they make sure the luggage is treated with care during the arrival or departure.

Serving as a Liaison

Diplomatic chauffeurs of Bodrum Limousine are able to serve as your liaison till members of your staff arrive. Having a competent professional at your disposal till your contacts arrive can help you to remain comfortable in unknown environment. We can offer bi-lingual professionals at your request. It would help you to initiate a conversation and remind yourself about the travel plans. Our services are appreciated in diplomatic circles because of our flexibility in arranging ground travel plans in a safe and secured manner. Our dedication to offer the best service, our understanding of client requirement, and our excellent comfort facilities also take the credit for our ever increasing demand and fame in the market.

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