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Cabin Charter

Enjoying the magnificent ocean of Turkey on Gulet, creates an unforgettable image of astonishment in mind. Passionate tourists from all over the world visit Turkey, Bodrum and other locations to enjoy the exciting journey on Gulet. Passionate tourists call this fascinating experience, ‘cruising away from the stressful feelings’. The glorious beauty of oceans and comfortable cabins in the Gulet take you to a magical journey. Bodrum Limousines are offering cabin charter facilities to tourists, in order to enhance experience of tour lovers. Tourists from all over the world consider this option as an opportunity to enjoy exciting voyages without surrendering their requirement of comfort. Chartering cabins in Gulet allows you to reduce the expenses of hiring or bringing a yacht. Voyages that involve shared yacht experiences, do not compromise your comfort requirement. It is the best water way travel option for small groups or big families. Bodrum Limousine creates a comprehensive service package that can exceed your desires without bringing any sort of problems.



Travel by Gulet is like a floating dream. It offers beautiful memories enriched with picturesque scenery, excellent services, and comfortable living quarters. Bodrum Limousine has designed a service package that can help clients to enjoy comfort facilities of a luxury hotel at a reasonable price. This tour option is the best blend of leisure and convenience.

Bodrum Limousine offers an astonishing cruise trip to passionate tourists. Comfort features, safety, and convenience facilities are based on feasibility. Our professionals arrange the best cabin for you to enjoy the scenic beauty of Turkish water bodies without adding superficial charges to the package. Client satisfaction is our motto and we do not believe, best services ask for high expense.


By utilizing cabin charter facilities, tourists find themselves in a wonderful situation, where they can exploit numerous options of entertainment activity. Our services include- snorkelling, diving, fishing, land excursions etc. All onboard activities are supervised by professionals to maintain safety and comfort of clients. Making your Gulet cruise trip memorable is the primary purpose of our services. Our packages and facilities are designed to help you find most suitable cabins for your Gulet tour program.


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