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Boat and Gulet Charter

The city of Bodrum has undergone a sea change over the last few decades. However, the city’s identity as a sailing destination has not changed a bit since the early years of its development as a market town and a shopping destination. There’s more to do than just sightseeing and shopping in Bodrum. If you love water sports, have a penchant for sailing, and if you particularly love the idea of being on board with your girlfriend or spouse, or your close friends, you can opt for boat and gulet charter. We are a Bodrum tour management company offering tourists to take part in a highly rewarding activity, yachting. Yachting is the favorite pastime of the Bodrum locals whose progenitors used to work as sponge divers and fishermen in this once-little-and-nondescript port town. You can get a chance to spend your Bodrum days in a unique fashion through us.

Cruise To Explore The Unexplored

Gulet Tour – The Turkish Way Of Yachting

Bodrum has one of the largest marinas in the Aegean region. The Cennet Koyu (Paradise Bay), which abuts the town, serves as a natural yacht marina and offers panoramic view of the pristine nature surrounding it. We offer private boat and gulet charters from all the small and big docks of the city, including those that are located in Torba and Golturkbuku districts. You can either make an early reservation with us or tell us about your requirements once you reach this small but beautiful port town. Cruising is the only way to reach the islands that are inaccessible by road.

Gulets are traditional wooden sailing boats that are now mainly run by motor engines. However, if you want to explore Bodrum in a purely traditional manner, we can surprise you with windpower-driven gullets. Cruise in the Aegean Sea majestically in a private gulet with all the touristic paraphernalia present on board.

Yachting In A Private Gulet – A Tour Of A Lifetime

We ensure that each and every passenger voyages in ultimate comfort by offering well-conditioned and fully licensed gulets. Moreover, our private tour guides, captains, cooks and stewards make sure that you have nothing to think about while on board. Exploring the turquoise waters can become an experience of a lifetime. Choose us to make your Bodrum tour memorable.


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