Istanbul Limo Chauffuer and Limousine service in Istanbul


Bodrum Izmir Transfer

Arriving Izmir from Bodrum in style is feasible and within reach with the help of professional transport service provides. Bodrum Limousine understands the challenge and confusion of finding a trustworthy transport service provider for city to city transfer. We, one of the major players in this field offer you feasible, luxurious, and safe Bodrum – Izmir transfer options. We provide more than just a transport service. We create strategies and follow them to provide strategic transport management and service flexibility to clients. Our travel services are designed to maintain your requirements and desires without driving up the price charge. Our service package is flexible in design and we have a large collection of luxury vehicles for clients to choose from. Maintaining your travel plans and finding the most suitable route for travel is our speciality. We make sure that your journey is free of hassles.



Bodrum Limousine is proud to offer services that maintain a high level of convenience without driving up the service charge. We follow a multi-tier service management process to divide the job in different segments. Each part of the project is handled by professionals and thoroughly scrutinized to bring success in offering you ‘out of the box’ services. Our vehicles are equipped with modern comfort devices to make your trip a pleasant one. You can enjoy multi-media presentations, weather control features, or relax listening to music. We check the quality of every comfort device before assigning the vehicle to your use. We even contact government officials to maintain the legal issues of quality service delivery. Our chauffeurs are professional people who take pride in serving people. Offering you a celebrity like feeling is their main purpose and our long list of satisfied clients testify for our resolve in service delivery.

Bodrum Limousine understands your requirement for information update during city to city transfer. Our helpdesk always keeps you notified about any change regarding service package. We focus on offering excellent client support for a transparent business relation with clients. We have a 24×7 functional helpdesk for our clients. We track flight information and keep our clients updated to help them make an informed decision. Clients can gather information regarding pricing, service packages, vehicular dispatch, offers etc from our helpdesk and prepare a comprehensive plan for their Bodrum – Izmir transfer.


Offering highly secured and meticulously designed travel route is our forte. We use technologically developed safety features to ensure your safety inside the vehicle. We check brakes, fuel injection system, protection air bags and other devices inside the car before assigning it to you. Our services allow clients to select booster seats, baby care equipments, tinted windows, windowed partition and many other features. Our safety measures are frequently checked by private and government officials to maintain a level of security during city to city transfer.


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