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Bodrum Helicopter Charter

Bodrum helicopter rental; We offer helicopters of varied seating capacity for adventurous tourists who want to catch an aerial view of Bodrum and the Aegean Sea. Our helicopters can take you to breathtaking heights from where you can capture photos and videos of the dramatic cityscape below. Fly over all the major landmarks of Bodrum, enjoy a bird’s eye view of the verdurous green and visit out-of-the-way destinations in ultimate class and comfort. We are a Bodrum airport and hotel transport agency offering a squadron of helicopters for the tourists to whom the noise of propeller is tantamount to the sound of freedom and adventure. Make a choice and we will send you the mechanical bird to carry you high over the Bodrum city and the surrounding regions.

A Brief Overview Of Helicopters In Our Fleet

Helicopters are versatile means of transport and offers excellent accessibility to even the remotest corners of the city and adjacent areas. An executive-grade helicopter can typically carry 4-6 passengers, can fly at a speed of 175 mph and travel 300-500 miles at a stretch. Here below is a brief overview of the helicopters we have in our fleet.

  • Agusta 109: A true performer and arguably the best in its own class, Agusta 109 can fly at a speed of 190 mph and can travel 415 miles nonstop.
  • Bell Jet Ranger/Bell Long Ranger: One of the most commercially successful passenger choppers, Bell Jet Ranger is perfect for small distance air travel. It can carry 4 passengers and has an average speed of 150 mph. Its nearest variant, Bell Long Ranger, is also suitable for business and leisure travel.
  • Eurocopter: Eurocopters are known to be superb performers in air and the passenger copters we offer live up to the expectations of our esteemed travelers.

Experience Luxury Midair

Our helicopter charter Bodrum services are not just meant for transportation. We infuse ultimate luxury with matchless convenience. You can enjoy hors d’oeuvres, choicest of drinks, and can capture awesome moments with your camera. Helicopter services are primarily meant for taking passengers to their destinations speedily and safely. However, you can certainly take pleasure in the onboard services that are specially tailored for leisure travelers coming to Bodrum.


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