Istanbul Limo Chauffuer and Limousine service in Istanbul


Road Shows

Arranging road shows and extracting marketing ideas from these events is easy with excellent transportation facility at your disposal. Bodrum Limousine, one of the major players in the world of business travel management, offers you the opportunity to enjoy a luxury road show event without any complication. We, one of the most trusted business travel managers are equipped to offer you a team of professionals to deal with the logistical challenges that comes with the road show events. It may be book tours, sales programs, promotional tours or other events, our services are designed to fulfil your requirements at any cost. We understand that road shows generally involve trip to multiple locations. We have skilled chauffeurs who are capable of following protocols for your safety and comfort. We take care of very single detail in your travel plan to complete the process without any problem.

Services Coordination

Flexibility Of Arrangement

Bodrum Limousine has gained reputation because of its efficiency in managing business travel plans. We have professionals who are trained to operate and supervise various segments of services at once. These experts calculate the whole process beforehand and they make sure that the plan follows the pre-calculated track for successful results. Our professionals will discuss your requirements and then strategize a plan with your preferences. Our service coordinators would firmly handle the transportation logistics to add extra comfort in your travel plans.

We understand the rush of attending road shows at the appointed hour. These types of events always change its arrangements in the eleventh hour. So, the corporate business transport services should be capable of coming up with alternate plans in case the primary travel plan fails or changes. Bodrum Limousine is proud to offer an agile transport facility that can ensure you complete flexibility for a successful trip. Our experience and skill in this field have rendered us capable to be ready for something unexpected without compromising the primary plans.

Collection Of Vehicles

We are proud of our large collection of vehicles. Our experience in the field of transport business has offered us a perspective to see above and beyond the requirements of clients. Therefore, we offer various kinds of luxury vehicles to corporate road show attendees. We have suitable vehicles for any size of groups and our transport options are equipped with omatics GPS, multi-media options, real time flight tracking technology and other devices that offer comfort.

  • - Here is a list of few services that we offer our clients.
  • - We offer our clients a personal account manager to help them manage their plans
  • - Collection of latest model vehicles to choose from
  • - Day and night accessible inquiry desk
  • - Information on ground transport logistics, air travel coordination
  • - Real time flight tracking for a safe pick up without delay
  • - 24×7 reservation facility
  • - Highly dedicated, skilled, and professional chauffeurs

These are few features from a long list of our services. Our service network and resolve to offer only the very best to our clients, has helped us to achieve perfection in offering corporate travel option for road show attendees.


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