Cruise Ship Transfers

Cruising through the still water of Bosporus is an enigmatic experience that spells magic even in recollection. Tourists look after to take a cruise tour through the waters of the country to enjoy a breathtaking vista unperceivable from elsewhere. We make this fantasy come true for many leisure tourists by bringing to you a line of cruises that will take you across the watery gap between places. Our transfer arrangements are made in luxury cruises that depart and arrive at the nick of time and does not disrupt with the travel schedule of the tourists.

Our cruises depart from the pier of the predefined city and reach another from where you can avail our ground transfer services to get to wherever you’re headed. Our cruise ship transfers services make sure that you journey across water as effortless as possible. We take out the hassles from your cruising experience by offering comfortable and timely transfers to all cruise-accessible points.

Our representative will meet you around the baggage counter to take all your luggage and pass them safely to the cargo space. Depending on the duration of the journey, arrangements are made for recreation and refreshment. Boarders are doled out freshly cooked dishes from Turkish cuisine along with wine. Belly dancer and other performers are brought in for entertainment meanwhile. You are allowed to sit with your family/ friends inside and enjoy the eye treat or sit at the deck and watch the sun set or witness the perspective look of the city from the hull of the ship.

Time of arrival is announced by the vessel approaches land. Your luggage will be safely delivered to you before you leave the dock. Since the cruises are meant for transfer services only, we try our best to offer customized services to each of our clients for tailored benefits. Sail date, travel charges, rates for children, etc. are all mentioned in the contract terms that you can refer to for better understandings. The cost of transfer depends on the destination you’ve chosen. However, bookings should be made within at least 5 days from the date of sailing so that we can confirm you the tickets before you’re all set to sail out on the particular day. Cruising is considered to be a very convenient option, when it comes to travelling. We have more than hundreds of clients voyaging through us from one place to another very frequently.

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